The Journey Part II: De-constructing a Nightmare

It is where we least want to be. You are finally rewarded with the sweet embrace of sleep, only to be pulled into a twisted reality filled with fear and confusion. Will it be the same cinema reel nightmare like the rest ?

This time it’s different. You have control over yourself. You can sense something wrong. You know something is coming for you, or perhaps it is waiting for you. It could be lurking in the shadows, biding its time. Guiding you with its dark hand, moving you toward a dark demise.

What now ?

What you fear the most might be your salvation.

– The Awakening –

Age: 8ish

Awareness Level III

“The night is cold and dark. Ominous clouds fill the sky absorbing the light from the sun. I am standing in a desolate parking lot. I did not travel here. I appeared here, standing in the cold.

Sacred Heart was destitute. The lot was dug up, muddy from all the rain. The asphalt had been torn to pieces, excised from its place and strewn about. The church proper didn’t look any better. I stand here, in this desolate place, and wonder what to do.

I can feel it. I know it’s out there. I look over toward the entrance and see an animal, slowly walking in the distance. It could be a horse, or a donkey perhaps. The dread is building inside of me, yet I know not what to do.

I look up at the dead grey sky as my frustration peaked. I lifted my arms over my head and shouted,


I close my eyes and tip forward. I let gravity take over, slamming face first into the ground. The impact releases me from the nightmare, and I wake up.”

It was at that point that I realized what was going on. Why when the monster finally catches you, you wake up. Why right as you hit the ground from a colossal free fall you are jolted out of your slumber and pulled back into reality. It didn’t matter what the trauma was, as long as it was a shock to the system. However, this still needed to be tested.

– The Car and the Brick House –

Age: 8ish

Awareness Level III

“The nightmare starts in typical nightmare fashion: It is pitch black and I am alone, standing next to a brick house and a lonely road. The same ominous feeling I have had before courses through me. I know something is out there. I know something is going to happen. Whatever it may be, I know it won’t be pleasant, and I have little time to waste.

I remembered the Church and how I managed to escape the clutches of that nightmare, forever abolishing it from my catalog of dreams. I approached the wall of the Brick House, and I began slamming my head against its cold rough surface. Each hit is harder than the last, but to no avail. I am still trapped in the nightmare. I am desperate. There is nothing else around me that could aid in my own demise, just the Brick House and the lonely stretch of road beside it. An idea slips into my mind, “What if a car comes and I let it hit me ? That should be enough to awaken me.”

I walk out to the middle of the dark road and wait. No cars had passed during the ordeal with the Brick House, but it was the only option I had left.

As I waited and hoped, a beam of light appeared over the horizon, coming closer with each passing moment. I stood there relaxed and motionless as the car slammed into me, releasing me from the nightmare and back into reality.”

It is interesting to dwell on this particular nightmare. I have no idea what the nightmare eventually had in store for me, but it is entirely possible that getting hit by that car was the nightmare itself, its intention all along. However it’s hard to ignore the possibility that just by the thought of the car coming and hitting me made it happen in the dream. Just the suggestion of the car made the dream present the car to me.

Regardless, I not only had the tools to get myself out of the worst nightmares my mind could throw at me, but it also gave me the ability to start having fun in my normal dreams.

` The One Who Writes


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One Response to “The Journey Part II: De-constructing a Nightmare”

  1. I wish I could remember my dreams that well.

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